Note: The consumption of raw or undercooked foods may be hazardous to your health.

Salty Crêpes

Buckwheat flour savory crêpes, served with mesclun salad and tomato (Gluten Free & Lactose Free)
Galette with butter $6.5

Sprinkled with coarse salt from Brittany

Mixte $9.5

Ham and Swiss cheese

Complète $10.5

Ham, Swiss cheese and egg

Jurassienne $11

Ham, potatoes and Swiss cheese

Forestière $13

Three sauteed mushrooms in garlic, parsley and butter


Sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella and prosciutto


Ham, Swiss,cheese, egg and mushrooms

Fromagère $14.5

Brie, goat cheese and swiss cheese

Charlemagne $14

Spinach, roquerfort cheese and topped toasted almonds


Homemade caramelized pears, brie cheese and walnuts

Cordon Bleu $14

Ham, chicken and Swiss cheese

Ratatouille $14

Eggplant, zucchini, peppers, onion and tomatoes sauteed in olive oil and garlic - Add goat cheese 2$

Hérétique $15

Chicken, tomatoes, spinach and sauteed three mushrooms


Chicken in a cream mustard-pepper sauce and potatoes


Tuna, harissa, parsley, egg and Swiss cheese

Auvergnate $15.5

Cantal cheese, potatoes, bacon and garlic

Mortuacienne $16

Morteau sausage, goat cheese and garlic spinach

Norvégienne $16.5

Smoked salmon, brie cheese and mushrooms


Signature Crêpes: Whole duck leg confit, over a cream truffle mushrooms crêpe

The Crazy one$17

Make your own crêpe, up to 4 ingredients on the menu


Any cheese, vegetable or any sauce: Dijonnaise - Béchamel - Roquefort - Green peppercorn - Reblochon cream - 2$ Any fish - 3.5$ Œuf mirroir (egg on top) - 1.5$ Any meat - 3$

Sweet Crêpes

Beurre - Sucre$5.5

Butter and sugar

Citron - Sucre$6

Butter and sugar with lemon




Homemade caramel sauce


Choice of jam - Ask for flavors


Dark chocolate or Nutella spread


Butter and sugar crêpe with your choice of ice cream


Dark chocolate or Nutella spread with bananas


Chestnut purée with whipped cream


Dark chocolate or Nutella spread with strawberries


Sea salt butter caramel and Calvados bathed apple

Belle Hélène$9.5

Caramelized pears, vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate


Coconut and white chocolate shavings with dark chocolate ice cream


Rhum marinated raisins and vanilla ice cream


Caramelized apples with a Calvados cream sauce


Fresh mint leaves, honey, lemon juice and walnuts


Caramelized pears, homemade almond filling, toasted almonds

Suzette style$10.5

Butter orange lemon bath and Grand-Marnier-Cognac flambée


Bites to share... or not...
Foie Gras maison $17.5

Homemade Foie Gras, served with red onion confit, salad and toasts

Tartare de boeuf$16.5

Beef tartare, with spicy mix greens and quail egg

Oeuf dur mayonnaise $6.5

Hard boiled egg, mayonnaise, tomato and mesclun salad - Add truffle mayo $0.5

Escargots $8.5

Snails in the classic garlic butter sauce

Escargots au reblochon$9

Snails au gratin in this intense flavored cheese and herbs


Our famous gratin with bacon, potatoes, onions, cream and reblochon cheese - Served with salad

Quiche Lorraine$10.5

The classic bacon quiche, over a bed of Belgium endives, walnuts and tomatoes

Quiche du jour$10.5

Quiche of the day, over Belgium endives, walnuts and tomatoes - Add Swiss cheese gratiné 1.5$

Tranche de pâté or Pot de rillettes $12

Country paté, truffle mousse or duck rillettes, with cornichons and mesclun Choice of two - 23$ Get the three - 31$

Gnocchi à la JUJU$12.5

Sage and truffle oil gnocchi

Pork medallions$14.5

Pork tenderloin, mustard tarragon sauce, with sauteed mushrooms

Beef medallions$18

Beef Tenderloin, roquefort sauce, with almonds and green beans

Baby back ribs$16

Green peppercorn sauce, served with garlic mashed potatoes

New Orléans BBQ Shrimps $19.5

With toasts and garlic mashed potatoes

Fish or Seafood of the dayMP

Chef’s caprice of the day, served with ratatouille


Ratatouille - Sauteed mushrooms - Country potatoes (with bacon, garlic and onions - Almonds green beans - Garlic mashed - Spicy endive


Our platters come with two different sizes: Small (Sm) or Large (Lg)
Plateau de fromages Sm $24 - Lg $33

Cheese platter, raisins, fruits, walnuts and toasts

Plateau le choix fermier$7/each - 5 for $29

Premium selected French cheeses plater of the week

Plateau de charcuteriesSm $24 - Lg $33

Cold cuts platter, patés, salad, tomatoes, cornichons and toasts

Plateau royalSm $31 - Lg $41

Assorted cheeses and cold cuts, patés, tomatoes, salad, cornichons, raisins, walnuts and toasts


All of them in a baguette, served with mesclun salad and tomatoes
Croque-Monsieur $10.5

Ham and Swiss cheese, béchamel, toasted


Same as the above Croque-Monsieur, with an egg on top

Jambon beurre$11.5

Ham with butter and pickles

Saucisson beurre$11.5

French salami with butter and pickles

Oeuf dur crudités$10.5

Hard boiled egg, mayo, carrot, cucumber, tomatoes and mesclun


Sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, prosciutto and pesto, toasted


Avocado, truffle pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, Cantal cheese, mesclun salad and jalapeño


Brie cheese, sauteed mushrooms and green beans

Chicken club$16

Chicken breast, mayo, Swiss cheese, bacon, tomatoes and mesclun salad, toasted

Saumon fumé$16.5

Smoked salmon, mayo, pesto, hard boiled egg and mesclun salad

Merguez "Habibi"$16.5

Spicy lamb sausage, sauteed onions and peppers, with harissa

Steak Printanier$16.5

Grilled tenderloin, mayo, tomatoes and mesclun salad

Pan Bagnat$16.5

Tuna, mayo, hard boiled egg, cucumber, tomatoes and anchovies


Grilled tenderloin, Cantal cheese, tomatoes, spicy chimichurri, toasted, served with sauteed potatoes


Du jardinSm $5.5 - Lg $8.5

Green mesclun salad with tomatoes

Salade de chèvre$12.5

Warm goat cheese on toasts, walnuts, raisins, honey drizzle and tomatoes


Chicken breast, grilled shallots, mayo, croutons, grilled potatoes and tomatoes


Watermelon, goat cheese with herbs, grapes, toasted almonds, tomatoes with balsamic reduction dressing

French Caesar$16

Chicken breast, Provençal herbs croutons, cantal shavings, tomatoes with Cantal dressing

Endive - Roquefort$15

Belgium endive mixed with Roquefort cheese, apple, walnuts and tomatoes

Salade de diablotins$17.5

Warm Roquefort and Cantal cheese on toasts, bacon, grilled potatoes, tomatoes and walnuts


Large shrimps, avocado, fenel, shallotts, cherry tomato, pine nuts with citrus dressing


Country pâté, Rosette de Lyon, cornichons, Brie, tomatoes, croutons and green beans

Nordique des Lords$18

Smoked salmon, house potato salad, fresh oranges, toasted almonds, cream and tomatoes


Rum seared sea scallops, bacon, sliced apples, toasted almonds, raisins, tomatoes with apple cider dressing


Escabèche tuna steak, anchovies, egg, cucumbers, red peppers, green beans, olives, tomatoes and potatoes


Leg of duck confit, red onion confit, truffle mousse, potatoes, croutons and tomatoes


Soupe à l'oignon gratinée $8.5

The classic French onion soup

Velouté de pois$8

Cream of green peas


Freshy blender by the order

Soup of the dayMP


Ludo's Chocolate fondant$10.5

With vanilla ice cream

Flourless Almond-Lemon cake $9.5

With Cassis sorbet

Pear-Rosemary petite tatin$9.5

With whipped cream

Crème brûlée$8

Crème brûlée

Ice cream$2.5 per scoop

Ask for flavors

Extra sweets

Ice cream $2.5 - Any fresh fruit $3 - Fresh strawberries $4.5 - Any nuts $2 - Whipped cream $2 - Dark chocolate or Nutellla $2



Toasted baguette, butter and jam


Plain Butter croissant - Add butter and jam $1

Pain au Chocolat $3.5

Chocolate croissant

Croissant aux amandes$5.5

Homemade almond croissant

Fresh fruit saladSm $5.5 - Lg $9.5


Yogurt, fresh and dried fruits with nuts


Croissant, chocolate croissant, half tartine, fresh OJ and americano


Same as above plus fruit salad, full tartine and any hot drink


2 fried eggs, bacon, potatoes,tomatoes, Reblochon toasts and mesclun salad with truffle dressing


Our famous baked eggs in cocotte
Proscuitto - Gruyère$10.5

Parsley and herbs

Smoked Salmon - Goat cheese$11.5

Dill and preserved lemon

Portobello - Cantal $11.5

Garlic butter

Morbier cheese - Bacon$11.5

Grilled shallots and "herbes de Provence"

Livarot cheese - Caramelized onions$11.5

Tomatoes and rosemary

Foie Gras maison$13.5

Red onion confit

Cold Drinks

Fruit smoothie$7.5

Strawberry and banana

Fresh OJSm $5.5 - Lg $7.5

Fresh lemonade$2.5

Spicy lemonade$3




Iced tea$2.5

Iced coffee$2.5


Iced capuccino$3.5

Iced moka$4

Iced cocoa$4

Evian - PerrierSm $3 - Lg $6

Hot Drinks



Noisette (macchiato)$2.5

Double espresso$3.5

Cappucino $3.5

Café au lait$5

Double espresso and steamed milk

MokaSm $3.5 - Lg $5

Café au lait with cocoa

Rhum lait chaudSm $5 - Lg $7

Rhum, steamed milk and honey

Citron chaudSm $3.5 - Lg $4.5

Hot lemon with honey

GrogSm $5 - Lg $7

Hot Rum, lemon and honey

Lait chaudSm $3.5 - Lg $5

Steamed milk and honey

Pur Cacao Sm $3.5 - Lg $5

Pure cocoa and steamed milk - all our hot choclates are made with pure cocoa and require sugar

Chocolat Viennois Sm $4 - Lg $5.5

With whipped cream - all our hot choclates are made with pure cocoa and require sugar

Chocolat Parisien Sm $4 - Lg $5.5

With cream and vanilla - all our hot choclates are made with pure cocoa and require sugar

Chocolat fou Sm $5.5 - Lg $7.5

With Grand-Marnier - all our hot choclates are made with pure cocoa and require sugar

Tea - Infusion selection $3.5

Tea: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Darjeeling, Gunpowder (green tea), Gunpowder Pearl Mint, Gunpowder Jasmine, Lapsang Souchong - Infusions: Chamomille, Spearmint Spice, Lemon Twist, Orange Spice, Relaxing (raspberry flavor), Very Berry, Forever Fruit, Lemon Ginger